How do I deal with version numbers for google play

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  • Hi there,

    I have a project I've made and published to google play. I used crosswalk to do it and all was well.

    Then I had to reinstall windows / xdk and do things again.. i set the version number in c2 to and 1.0.2 in XDK.. however when I go to upload this updated APK i get this error:

    "Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 20012."

    I don't know where this number can be found. I had done an update once before and it worked ok, but that was before I did a system rebuild.. where can I find that 20012 number and increase it to something higher?



  • In the properties dialog when you have your project selected. It's the 2nd field labeled "Version. Just increase it.

  • ok cool i see now.. I also noticed that it doesn't recognize the 4th digit.. I thought I had incremented by one for the build i was pushing up..



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  • Also I've met a guy here in Boston who's working on XDK and said that in June, there will be an update to XDK that will allow access to both version and release numbers for android/google play so this should help insure that managing version numbers.

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