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  • Hello,

    I am in process of making a photo browser and i am in need of some tip on how to organise this part:

    User can browse photos and save ones that he likes to its favorites section.

    Each photo has attributes like: Author, Title and Date.

    Now, when theres a whole bunch of photos in favorites things gets messy so i am looking for a way to organise this.

    Currently i am using (1,3,1) array i dont know how to make some order in it so that photos get loaded eg. alphabeticaly by author and then by title or date.

    I guess i cant to that just within an array (or i just din not figured out that part) but that i need a database.

    Does anyone have some tips or examples that might help?

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  • I'd suggest looking at a SQL database. That way you can search/select quite easily.

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