Creating Power-Ups for Autorunner

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  • I'm trying to create powerups for my Autorunner game but i can't get it to work.

    The problem i'm having is that i can't get the powerups to appear where i want them to or get them to stay in one place. When i create a powerup, it moves across the screen along with the background.

    I can set what the powerups do when my player collides with the power up, but i can't set the positions of the powerups.

    I have read some tutorials/posts on powerups but none that have helped me with an auto runner game where the powerups occur every so often on a moving screen.

    Could someone please show/explain to me how it's done with the Autorunner Template?

    I hope i've made it clear what i'm trying to acheive, i'm finding it a bit difficult to explain this properly for some reason so i hope you can understand what i'm after.


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  • Can you upload sample capx?

  • I can't provide a capx on what i did as i don't have access to it right now and it's over 2mb so i can't add it here unfortunately.

    I've provided a capx i quickly did but all i've really done is add a sprite and given it a solid behaviour. Then in the event, when the player collides with the sprite, it adds 1000 to the TotalDistance variable. This is with the Autorunner Template.

    I don't know how to make it randomly appear in a way that suits an autorunner game. Also, the sprite moves to the right along with the screen, i want it to stay in one place but can't find the right way of doing it.

  • You don't need to add solid to the powerUp.

    Check the last events in the capx, I hope this what you need.

  • Thanks, this is what i need. Is there a way of keeping the power up to stay in one place rather than move the the left of the screen?

  • If you are using bullet behavior on everything just turn it off or set it to a different value for powerups....

  • I am using bullet behaviour on backgrounds so they scroll but when i turn off bullet behaviour on the power up, it stays in one place on the screen but travels along with the background so thats no good. Even if i set the bullet to zero, it does the same thing....

  • Sorry to bump this but can anyone help out?

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