How to create a 'wide' level?

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  • Hi there,

    I'm making different levels, normally I have enemy units spawn from the left of the screen which travel to the right.

    Now I'm making a level with buildings and props. I could use the same method for units, that is, spawning them ordered around x seconds at random positions.

    However, this is highly convenient, for this new static level, as I intend to make a wide level and set the building objects and props in a planned manner on fixed locations.

    I was wondering, how do I make a 'wide level' that has object coming from the left? For all other levels I'm using the same layout width for all previous levels, and I'm not sure I should mess with that?

    I'm thinking I need to expand the layout, however, the layout only expands to the right. I need space on the left, not right. I *could* mess around with the margins I guess, but that's global as well.

    Any solutions?

    • R
  • It is not entirely clear on what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

    You want the level to scroll?

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  • Hello,

    thanks for your reply.

    The level doesn't need to scroll, I was looking for an efficient way to make a long level, as in width. I can't change the layout width since it only extend to the right. I want the buildings to come in from the left. I was thinking later on to simply temporarily extend the margins in the editor to as far as possible. So I can put all the buildings in the editor and give them a bullet behavior. This will make it look like you fly over the buildings.

    Here's what I mean;

    Imagine the black squares are the buildings, the red square is the player, the blue line is the layout border.

    As you can imagine, I would need a lot of space on the left in the margin area. I have not tested yet, but I read that the max margin size is 10000. But anyway, I was just wondering if there are more efficient ways of have objects come in the screen, while still retaining the ease of being able to place objects (buildings) at will, so I can design the level in the editor.

    If I were to spawn them by seconds for example, I'd have to place them, test, modify, etc. that wouldn't work for designing.

    So my question also is, how do other people do this? And why can't I extend the layout to the left (irrelevant perhaps but still a valid question).

    Thanks. - R

  • Hello Rudi55,

    I believe you can extend the layout width to accomplish what you need.

    1) Set the layout width in the editor to what you need (ignoring the fact that it extends to the right).

    2) Place the building objects & the player where you need them to be in the editor.

    3) In the event sheet, under the "On start of layout" event, use the "System --> Scroll to object" behavior, setting the object as the player.

    The scroll to object behavior will then move the "camera view" to the player on the right side of the layout while keeping the buildings to the left of the layout.

    I hope this helps you.

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