How do I create "intro" scenes with text?

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  • Hello.

    I am completely new (still). This is my third posting here, thank you all for your patience.

    I have been accepted into a game making incubator workshop but had to be absent for the major part due to my mom passing way of cancer. Now the deadline is approaching (10 days)and I am trying to figure out a lot of things on my own, which is really scary as I am making this game for her.

    Anyways some background info as to why I need such quick, last minute infos...

    SO I made a platformer game, a simple game where the character has to kill as many enemies and "knock" over garbage cans to find a "time extender" to continue.

    I have created 4 images that I want to use as a "intro" scene (explanation of the game).

    I want the game player to see this screen after the Game Title screen. Once the person clicks on start, I want there to be 4 intro scenes, and the person to click on the mouse to "start" the text (or show the text) then click again to go to the next image, click to show text, click again to image 3, click for text 3, then click to image 4, click to text 4 then the game starts.

    Basically a little story to explain the game in 4 images and texts, to be shown after a game start screen.

    I know this is a lot, but I would greatly appreciate the help and will make sure that those that are interested will get to play the game as soon as it comes out. You will also have my gratitude, as I am in a bit of a rut emotionally and technically(?).

    If it seems too complex, please do not hesitate to let me know.


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  • First of all, please accept my condolonces for your mother. I recommend making a new object called something like "Intro". Put 4 frames in the default animation and set the animation speed to 0. Then, in the events put a new event On object cliked and select the Intro object. In the action select the Set frame action under the Intro object. Set the frame to Intro.CurrentFrame(might be called something similiar) + 1. Under the On object clicked event add a new one as a sub event. In this event check if the current frame is greater than Intro.AnimAtionFrameCount. If it is advance to the next layout(the first level). Also, I forgot to mention to put this Intro object in a layout of its own. When the player selects Start game go to this layout.

  • Thank you so much Tarik00555!

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