create infinite looping multi-scrolling game?

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  • Hello

    Anyone know how are created infinite multi-scrolling games ?

    here is a video of this kind of game:

    The layout is always the same, so if you keep going through the same direction, you will always meet the same objects again & again at their X-Y coordinates (excepted if they are moving). So you somehow "teleport" to one side to another when you reach one end of the layout... it's kinda like an infinite runner but where you would start back at the beginning (uninterrupted / while keeping the same scrolling speed) when you reach the end... and with the same objects you encountered again.

    I dont understand how they are created (theoretically), anyone know how ?

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  • object moving not layout moving

    pin all of object to one Controller

    and move that Controller position

    player don't move,player only follow mouse.x.y to angle

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