How do I Create an auto-collector with another way?

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  • Hey, there!

    I'm making a top view survival game and I created an auto-collector to collect woods automatically. When I cut down a tree, wood is automatically moving to the auto-collector (I used pathfinding). And when the wood on collision with auto-collector, wood destroys itself. Everything is ok. But the problem is pathfinding. In my game, player can create this auto-collector with woods. There must be an auto-collector somewhere so player can create one. I put auto-collector to the outside of the map, but when I cut down a tree, wood is moving to the auto-collecter which is at the outside of the map and when the player creates one more auto-collector, woods are still moving to the auto-collecter which is at the outside of the map. How can I fix it? or can I use another way to create auto-collector? I think this is the weirdest way to create that. Sorry for my bad english btw.

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  • Two ways -

    1. On start of layout destroy auto-collector sprite which is outside of the map.

    2. Or a better way - create an empty layout, name it "Assets" for example, and move the auto-collector sprite there. You can use this layout to keep all objects which you don't need immediately on your main game layout.

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