A couple of bugs you guys might be able to help on

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  • Hi guys and girls,

    Im new to the forums. Been learning construct 2 and building my first production project over the last month or two and have recently purchased my personal license. Ive exported out to CocoonJS and compiled and have my project working across multiple Android devices in my home which put a big smile on my face .... loving Construct 2!

    I've got one small bug which I wasn't expecting. I have built the project at 1280x720 (16:9) fixed landscape. On all 3 mobile devices im getting a white bar along the bottom(only) not on the top and bottom where the 720px height must not be correct for the devices. (Galaxy Note, Galaxy ACE 2, Sony Xperia) Is there a more correct resolution to create both my window and layout sizes in for mobile landscape? My project is set to "Landscape Scale" Not Landscape Integer Scale.

    Also on the Sony phone I am getting popping after the sound plays but not on the other two devices.

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  • this might help on first issue:

  • I think this take from the post you linked is my answer! A great last level background image to use to make sure you have correct scaling across multiple aspect rations and just delete it when all important GUI and game elements are within the smallest ratio etc etc. Cheers for your help.

    [quote:9b32z4t7]@Fwumpy irina


    I took the job to make it better, hope it helps =)

    17:10 is 1024x600

    16:9 1280x720

    16:10 1280x800

    3:2 1152x768

    4:3 1024x768

    5:3 1280x768

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