Can I copy objects? Or how to do multiplayer

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  • I?ve got a question about copying objects as if they were variables.

    I?m making a turn based card game with 4 players (hotseat game). Each player is represented as an Object with a number of attributes (CardsInHand, Score etc.).

    When Events happen in the game I need to update one of the players attributes depending on whose turn it is. So something like this





    <turn 1>

    CurrentPlayer = Player1

    <then play the turn>

    Add 1 to CurrentPlayer score

    Add a card to the CurrentPlayer hand


    <turn 2>

    CurrentPlayer = Player2

    What?s the best way to accomplish this while keeping the code as simple as possible?

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  • Give the Player object an instance var called 'playerNumber' and set it to 1, 2, 3, 4 on each of your players. Have a global var called 'currentPlayer'. And then you simply do:

    Player: playerNumber = currentPlayer

          Player: Add 1 to score

  • Ah thanks ramones that looks to work fine.

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