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  • Let's suppose I want a spaceship to make a "8 shaped movement", or a zigzag, or whatever. Is there an easier way to do this than using the custom movement behavior and/or sine behavior? Ideally what I would like is to be able to draw my movement, like what this tool does(hopefully? That's what is says it do?): ... ditor-3396 .

    But I want to be able to draw my movement smoothly with turns, angle, etc. Being able to go from point A to point B by drawing a path. Is there anything like this or is it something that's going to be available in construct 3, because to me it'd be a huge selling point. I don't want to waste my time doing logic for the movement <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cry.gif" alt=":cry:" title="Crying or Very Sad" />

  • A figure 8 would be simple enough with 2 sine behaviors only, no events necessary.

    Unfortunately your link got truncated, so I can't check it out.

    While it isn't the simplest thing, I can imagine making a path editor with Construct by "drawing" with the mouse and recording the x/y values into an array, which can be saved as json and subsequently imported as a project file for future use. If it can be done with events, I'm sure a plugin is possible. Relative coordinates could be utilized so the resulting movement templates are more flexible and can be used in many situations.

    Another quick idea I can think of is to create a movement template object with a series of imagepoints detailing where you want a sprite to move, and have the sprite move towards each imagepoint in succession.

    Generally speaking though, invisible helper objects positioned strategically can allow for pretty much any complex movement you can think of.

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  • Check out these links:

    follow-path-behavior_t65382 ... -waypoints

    There is nothing new in Construct 3 that can make this task easier.

  • thanks dop2000, waypoints is close to what I want, good enough. What I mean by close is that the objects still move in a straight line, but I may want them to move with angles. I can still kinda simulate that by adding more waypoints very close to each other.


    rex_moveto plugin solves all my problems. What an amazing neat little plugin. rexrainbow you're awesome

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