How do I compile my Program to a APK-File?

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  • Hello there, I use the Intel XDK, but they don´t compile correctly, if i start the App on my Android Device, the App stop loading at 92% and freeze. Before in the XDK Emulator, the Programm runs good.

    At the Intel XDK Forums was other Guys with the same Problem and they say that the XDK is broken. Cocoonjs i can´t use for my Project (Cocoonjs can not handle Text Boxes, which i need in my App) and i don´t know how i can use the Android SDK to compiling my App... is there some Tutorial or a Tutorial Video?

  • from my experience, XDK has worked well. I only say this to confirm that it can work well. how big is the project? Sometimes some apps can use up too much memory and crash.. often Retina quality apps can be problematic for android devices.

    in my experience any time android or iOS apps crash is because of memory management issues. Unfortunately with wrappers no matter what kind you use, memory management is pretty much non existant.. so what works on a browser may not work on mobile.

    Is all of your art optimized for mobile? (using powers of 2 for all graphics)

    do you have many graphics that are excessive in size (over 512x512 pixels.

    I had a project that would crash using various different wrappers and they would all crap out while it would run fine on a browser on a pc.. what i had to do was reduce all of the art by about 47% (the game was running at 1920x1080) and doing this fixed the problem.

    If you're game is say.. 1mb or something.. then none if this would likely apply

    Also consider making a simple game as well.. something very "hello world" and run it through XDK and see if it also crashes.

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  • Hello part12studios.

    I have programmed my App in 1920x1080 Resolution with the Options "Inner Scale" and "Browser Request Fullscreen".I do this because the new Smartphones in Future are designed for FullHD. Most i use PNG Graphics, than if i use the Construct2 Text Plugin, the Framerate will go down to 18FPS (so i have make my Texts to PNG Graphics).

    Now i test to compressing the PNG´s to get smaller Datasizes.

    What you mean with "optimized for mobile (using powers of 2 for all graphics "?

    Best Regards.

  • A small quote from earlier blog post from Ashley.

    [quote:cl8a39t8]Many mobile systems don't support images which are not a power-of-two size (e.g. 32x32, 64x64, 128x128...). To work around this images will be placed in memory on a power-of-two size texture big enough to fit it. In this case the 1920x1080 image will be placed on a 2048x2048 sized texture in memory! This means it uses 16mb of memory - about double, on a system with even tighter memory limits! Construct 2 automatically spritesheets smaller images on export to save memory, but such large images don't benefit from this.

    I recommend to read his full article

    Hope it clears up your question, cheers!

  • yea that article is great.. and yes 1920x1080 and all graphics that go with it are all going to be too massive for mobile via C2 (because of the lack of memory management)

    yes read the article.. but in short the way memory is used with graphics is that memory is allocated in chunks of data scaled by powers of 2.. so imagine.. 32x32 pixels takes up so much memory.. or 64x64.. or 62x32.. all powers of 2.. 512x128.. etc etc.c

    now if you have a graphic that's say.. 34x34.. this graphic jumps up to the next power of two which means now that you're using 64x64 memory (which is 4 times as much).. now let's look at your 1920x1080 background.. that alone jumps up to a whopping 2048x2048 of memory! because all of your graphics are probably just sized to whatever works for 1920x1080 many of them are probably occupying a LOT of unused space which still takes up memory and therefor crashes..

  • Thank you Guys. I have found the Problem. This is no Construct2 Problem, it was really a Intel XDK Problem. I have named my PNG Files with Special Characters like "Ö, Ü, Ä" (German alphabetric letters) and the Intel XDK can´t handle it. Every Datafile must named with lower case letters and do not include special letters and special Symbols like _;/ etc..

    Now i have my APK File and it runs at Phone.

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