How do I combine 2 different projects into 1 complete project keeping all?

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  • I have [2] projects. One has many things already working and is quite large with assets. The other project needs levels, icons, objects, event sheets from what is in project[1] to nearly complete project[2]. I really do NOT rellish redoing all of the project[1] maps, sprites, etc; in the project[2]. I tried just copying over all the subdirectories from project[1]. Deleting .uistate files; which included deleting the projects .uistate xml file. So; when it rebuilds with the new files added, it should incorporate those into the project. DOH. Nope. I looked at the projects .uistate xml. I see that it lists files, folders with certain numbers allocated to the assets. In there was a designation per-line call of 0, 1,2,4,8,12. etc; pertaining to the locations of folders and calls to assets. like this=>: <folder expanded="1" path="animation-folder/turretshell/" I figured deleting this would work. Nope. Hope it can be done and if not? maybe food for thought. I imagine someone out there would like to save time. Thanx.

  • You can copy/paste multiple objects from one project to another. Just select a bunch of objects on the layout, press Ctrl-C, and then paste them into another project. They will be transferred with all behaviors, effects, instance variables, properties etc. Just make sure that you don't already have objects with the same names.

    Once you've copied objects over, you can copy/paste events.

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  • Hey. DOP2000. Thanks for the answer. But yes I know I could copy and paste. But really was hoping for a copy from one project to another possiably outside of construct like I mentioned. Your way you mentioned does work. I have done that. But that too, is so lengthy. A shame we are unable to do that. Guess something that wouls need to be programmed; say; Java script. This way any duplicate object(s) and or folder(s) would be renamed to protect destination project and it's contents. probly with the word .dup at the end. Sounds like a plan. Thanx and be well.

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