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  • Hi there,

    I am happy to say that with some help from my dev partner (who can code / knows xcode) we were able to get the cocoonjs project I ported over and running on iOS.

    however one big concern is that i had selected scale to fill (default setting also) but then i ran it i see a screen like this...


    it should not show that blue-green stuff at the bottom..   the blue is the color of the scene behind it. but in the project you will see that the graphic complete fills that space. the blue-orange strip you see is another layer behind it that i just kept around as visual cue to know how much screen would get cutoff on a 4:3 ipad aspect ratio vs something that has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

    has anyone seen anything like this? I'd just like to be sure i'm approaching this right.. my intent is to have this fill the screen on a device to make it full screen which would crop off the edges. I don't want it to squeeze to fit because that will cause distortion on devices like ipads.



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