CocoonJS performance IOS (iPhone 4)

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  • Hey, are anybody else having problems with CocoonJS performance on IOS, specifically iPhone 4?

    I have a physics based game that I'm making for IOS and Android, and I'm always testing it on an iPhone 4, iPad Mini and my Google Nexus S.

    On my iPad Mini it's always at 60 fps which is to be expected I guess. My Google Nexus S is at the moment also pretty much always at 50 fps. But when testing it on iPhone 4 the framerates often drops to under 20 sometimes even 10 fps.

    Is this a problem anybody else has had before? I'm thinking it maybe has to do with some event optimization. Because I've tested CocoonJS's physics demo on the iPhone and it also runs at 50 - 60 fps..

    Also this might sound like a noobish question but how do I post on the CocoonJS forums? I can't find it anywhere..

    Could Intel XDK be better performance? Haven't tried it yet to be honest.

    EDIT: Does anybody know when Ludei plans to support the accelerated physics engine for Construct? Seems like this would improve performance alot.

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  • Are you using accelerated physics?

  • Thanks for answering!

    No, right now I'm using web-based physics. There's a bug in the CocoonJS launcher when using accelerated physics. I get a black screen on startup with accelerated.

  • tauer I'd recommend speaking to Ludei directly. We had similar physics issues and they were quick to fix.

  • thehen Thanks! I just sent them an e-mail, hopefully I can get this fixed because as it is now the game is almost unplayable on the iPhone 4.

  • thehen Were the fixes something that would be valuable to add to this thread? Or were they project specific fixes that wouldn't necessarily apply to everyone?


  • tauer have you checked that it's definitely physics related? Might be worth removing the physics behaviors just to make sure.

    they were generic fixes that I'm sure Ludei will implement into the Construct 2 plugin and CCJS releases soon. Previously I couldn't get any of my games to run with native physics, now they all do. Even with crazy joints.

  • thehen I haven't tried removing the physics behaviours but I tried making a new project where I put in a few objects only with physics behaviour and nothing else.

    The performance on the iPhone 4 is still considerably lower than on my Android phone. I got about 20 - 25 on the iPhone and about 50 on my Google Nexus S, so I assume it is physics related.

    Another possibility is that it's simply CocoonJS running badly on the phone but that doesn't seem to have happened to anybody else.

  • I can just add that iw done some testing on different Apple devices and iPhone 4 and 4S allways performed worst... they are slowest of them all, even Ipod touch performed better.


  • That's really strange.. and annoying :(

    Does anybody else have any suggestions? I've sent an e-mail to Ludei but haven't gotten an answer yet.

    I just got a new phone, Xperia Z SO-04e. Constant 60 fps.

    I find it really strange that the iPhone 4 specifically performs that poorly.

  • Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to bump this one..

    Ludei still haven't answered, still hoping that someone here knows something that might help..

  • Ito would love to hear the answer. I am having the same issues.

  • I just tested my game on two devices, an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 via CocoonJS.

    While the game on the iPhone 5 runs flawless, usually at 60 fps, on the iPhone 4 the game runs poorly, at 15-25fps.

    The thing is I'm not using physics in my game.

    Anyone familiar with fixing non-physics related CocoonJS performance issues in the iPhone 4?

    I will send ludei an email later today about this issue.

  • There's definitely something wrong with CocoonJS. My game runs flawlessly in the iPad 3 Safari browser, but lags horribly in testing with CocoonJS on the same iPad. Same issue using iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

    I think Ludei needs to focus on one platform at a time, instead of what they are doing. It doesn't appear to me they have the resources to support everything they want and they are spreading themselves too thin.

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