Childlocks for Tablets/Phones?

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  • Hello folks,

    I'm trying to make some simple touch-the-letter games for toddlers that will run on tablets and/or phones.

    I got a nice prototype up and running, then handed it to my 2 yr old. He had fun for 30 seconds until he pushed one of the tablet soft navigational keys and was thrown out of his lovely baby playground. I don't think this is a phenomenon isolated to just my progeny.

    How can i turn these off?

    I have so many great ideas for little kids to play and learn with Construct apps... but this almost makes a deal breaker. Ive seen other apps that do this, and I've exercised a fair amount of Google-fu in finding out how they did, but to no avail.

    Hook a brudda' up?

    superfluousx2013-08-09 14:47:55

  • tabletkeyspic by superfluousx, on Flickr[/IMG]

  • Man walks into the doctors office says "Doctor Doctor it hurts when I do this!"

    Doctor says "Don't do that."

    Seriously what you should do is use the accelerometer/geolocation and make a game to see how far the toddler can throw the phone.

    Or Google tablets for kids perhaps?

  • make a game to see how far the toddler can throw the phone.


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  • That's a funny joke... no doubt.

    but... honestly...

    Many apps are able to do this on Google marketplace. There is a way.

    I think other viewers of this board may appreciate constructive replies.

    As for buying those kiddie tablets... that's not really helpful for a diverse range of end users. They aren't going to buy a new tab to play a little marketplace game.

    I do understand the concept of the lost cause, or the battle-better-left-unpicked, and the Doctor anecdote encapsulates that well... but I just don't think it's time to throw in the towel on a concept that seems so obvious, and so beneficial (and that, again, DOES exist, and can be implemented).

    You've been a very helpful guide on the forums, Newt, and I have learned much from you in the few months I've been using C2. Thank you for the support.

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