How do I check for player spawns

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  • I have a single screen map with game play similar to Super Smash Bros.

    When players die they need to respawn at one of the set spawn points. I need to check if a player is close or already spawned on that point and spawn the dead player in a different location.

    I have hidden sprites representing the spawn points.

    I've tried doing this two ways without success.

    1. Putting all the players into a family, then checking on respawn each respawn sprite for no line of sight to the players family.

    2. Using the turret behavior and checking for no target in range.

    neither of these worked, does anyone know a good way to implement this?

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  • Use the distance function to check. If distance(Spawn.X, Spawn.Y, Player.X, Player.Y) <= MIN_ALLOWED_DISTANCE then spawn. Just experiment with MIN_ALLOWED_DISTANCE a little.

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