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  • I tried to do a quick search, is there any fairly simple way of checking if cookies are enabled in a browser before starting our game? I had to debug a data saving feature for a game I am working on for about 2 hours last night until I realized I am a big dope and forgot to enable cookies for my local host

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  • The best way is to check it before the game loads, with a java script like this.

    function are_cookies_enabled()


         var cookieEnabled = (navigator.cookieEnabled) ? true : false;

         if (typeof navigator.cookieEnabled == "undefined" && !cookieEnabled)



              cookieEnabled = (document.cookie.indexOf("testcookie") != -1) ? true : false;


         return (cookieEnabled);


    If you want the game to know if cookies are enabled, you can call this function trough AJAX and handle teh response.

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  • fantastic, thank you for your help

  • Or simpler and more C2 like use the condition "Cookies enabled" from the Browser plugin.

  • yeah he can do that, but if the game is large and it will not work with cookies disabled, my way will be faster and more effective.

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