How do I Change sprite when catching power up

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  • Hello everyone, I'm trying to make my first platform game and I would like my character to pick up an item to be transformed. I would also like to have the ability to fall slowly if the jump is pressed, but first I would like to solve this problem.

    The first thing I have done is to create a variable called "transformation" so that the system knows if it is "normal" or "super"

    In the event I tell him that once he collides with the item, the variable goes to "super", the sprite changes to the number 5 and the iten is destroyed, but nothing happens, only the item is destroyed and my character does not change of sprite.

    What I can be doing wrong?

    Thank you.

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  • You probably have all sorts of animations playing on PlayerSprite set by other events. What you're looking to do is have when trans="super" - set anim frame to 5. Your current events only set the anim frame to 5 when you overlap the power up but it won't stay like this if you are setting other animations and it won't be a visible change when playing the game.

  • Ok thank you review the event sheet and unify everything that has to do with the player, so I think it will be more orderly and I can see the errors better. Thank you very much

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