Change Player Sprite / player controlled sprite?

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  • hello

    i was wondering if its possible to change the players sprite or the player controlled sprite by the press of a button ?

    example : if i like my player dude to be transformed into a bird or other humanoid / non humanoid things

    currently digging my way thru the tutorial section but i am very new to this and not quite sure on what things i need to be looking at or if its possible at all

    right now i change the animation (sprite) on button press but there are alot of issue i need to fix

    any help is appreciated

    thanks in advance !

  • Changing the animation would be the way to go here most probably. Collision polygon might causeunwanted effects, so adding invisible collision sprite is good idea on some cases. Tutorials should touch this subject as well :-)

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  • thanks !

    i would need to add 2 sets of animations too yes ?

    and condition them via variables so that i get the proper walk animation for the right character

    i think thats what being mixed up at the moment

    while i move - the game is still using of the original characters walk animation sprites

    thanks !

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