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  • Hello everyone:

    does anyone know how to recreate the formation style for the arcade video game centipede? so that each centipede is following the one in front of it and the head centipede is leading the way, if you shoot any of the centipede in the body/middle the formation breaks and each new chain go in separate ways?

    if you can share the capx example i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT...

    thank you in advance for your help.

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  • You might want to check this out:

    It's pretty complex though. You might want to look into arrays. I've actually achieved this without the use of arrays, so I could use multiple, free-floating snake type enemies... but that was even more complex (in my opinion!)

  • thanks, i just downloaded the capx and looked at it. its a step in the right direction but does not replicate the centipede look/feel. but thank you for pointing me for the example, it does get me started in the right direction.

  • hyem hopefully it'll be easy to adapt to what you're looking for

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