Enemy Sounds - Sound Effects

Give Sound to the enemies that are part of your game! :)

Give Sound to the enemies that are part of your game! :)

Enemy Sounds - Sound Effects

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    Released: 7 Jul, 2022

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    Released: 1 Apr, 2022

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Hello Dev!

This pack was created to sound the enemies of your game, bringing them to life! :D The number of enemies in this pack is pretty cool, you'll have bats, aliens, golems, fire elementals, soldiers, snakes, among many others.

The sounds were created thinking about leaving the player completely connected with the experience that the game will provide, the sounds tend to fulfill their purpose with quality and be subtle at the same time.

And it's worth remembering that you can use these sounds in whatever suits you best, for example, if your character is in a cave, instead of using the bat's sound for an attack or something similar, you can use it as a background, helping to bring more life to the soundscape.

I'm sure that this variation of sounds will be useful for you in more than one project, from combats to soundscapes, you can use them in different ways.

By investing in this package, you will be lifting all of this and still helping me to continue creating quality sound effects at a very nice price! :D

  • Alchemist_Attack
  • Alien_Attack
  • Alien_Noises
  • Bat_Attack
  • Bat_Flying
  • Bat_Noise
  • Fire_Elemental
  • Fish_Attack
  • Generic_Roar
  • Ghost_Attack
  • Goblin_Attack
  • Golem_Attack
  • Insect_Attack
  • Insect_Flying
  • Machine_Attack
  • Orcs_Attack
  • Rat_Attack
  • Robot_Attack
  • Skeleton_Attack
  • Skeleton_Wake
  • Slimes_Attack
  • Small_Enemy_Attack
  • Snake_Ambush
  • Snake_Attack
  • Soldier_Attack
  • Spiders_Running
  • Spider_Attack
  • Warlock_Attack
  • Water_Elemental
  • Wind_Elemental
  • Worm_Passing_By
  • Zombie_Attack

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