How do I center a Cocoon IO game with letterbox scale?

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  • Hi everyone,

    So first of all, I'm seeing some REALLY promising results with Cocoon IO. I'm loving it. Making much much faster progress seeing things work than XDK. Anywho, my issue is that I've noticed that normally a letterbox scale game is centered and has nice black bars outside the state.

    With Cocoon IO it seems that if i view a letterbox game on say.. an iPhone 4s.. it's left aligned and the empty space inherits the background color of the layout.

    Dealing with the color isn't a big deal but the alignment thing would be much nicer if it were centered. Does anyone know how this could be achieved?



  • bump..

    let me tell you if you haven't tried out cocoon IO.. and your finding trouble making XDK / Phonegap work.. seriously look into it. I've wasted soooo much time with plugin problems and errors.. CIO has given me faster results AND compared to crosswalk.. the size of the game is 2mb + your game vs crosswalk which is 19mb + your game.. I know a lot of people here favor android so seriously.. check it out..

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  • Hello! Did you fix it?

    I am going through the same problema here. I atried the Scale out... but the landscape screen is left aligned and it lefts a huge blank space on the right..


  • I'm using Construct 3 now and dealing with using C3's official publishing approach to avoid 3rd party solutions. I'm not saying it's perfect but it's the future so I'm doing my best to embrace it. Also avoiding mobile games for now and developing for web first.

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