How do i make my canvas show tilemaps??

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  • hello, basically, i am doing a top-down racing game, and i decided to make it split screen, after reading some forum posts and some tutorials, i managed to do it on my project

    it showed all sprites fine, but then i had a huge problem, everytime i tried to show tilemaps on the canvas, i got an runtime error

    i got this error when i tried with either Paster plugin from R0J0hound and Canvas from Rex.Rainbow

    is there a way to fix this? or an workaround?

    sorry for bad english, not native speaker

  • Bump...

    i tried disabling WebGl, the game didn't crash instantly, but the performance is way worse and it only show tilemaps near the player one, anyone have another solution?

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  • I'm guessing tilemaps are not rendered when they are outside of the viewport, so it will not be possible to paste them on canvas/paster object. There are two solutions -

    1. Temporarily move tilemaps for player 2 to the viewport, paste them, and move back to their original position. This can all be done in one tick. Don't know if this can cause problems with player #1, maybe you'll also need to temporarily disable collisions.

    2. Keep the tilemaps for player 2 on the screen, but make them invisible, or put them on an invisible layer. Seems like invisible tilemap can be pasted on Paster.

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