How do I make the camera scroll to a spawned object?

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  • On my project (a top down shooter), a boss is spawn (from a spawner object) after a certain "regular enemy" kills. I've been trying to make the camera focus on the newly spawned boss a couple seconds, and then focus back to the player using Scroll to system parameter but it doesn't work. Is there any other way to do this?

    Basically, what I want to do is when the boss is spawned, I want the camera or screen to focus on it for a couple of seconds and then make the camera focus back on the player. Thanks for the help in the advance.

  • Create a small sprite(invisible) and add the "ScrollTo" behavior to it. Give the "Pin" behavior as well. I assume you'll pin it to the Player object.

    Simply create events to "Unpin it" and Set position to another object (boss) and pin it after spawned. You can use the "System Wait" to give a few seconds and then do the same thing again to pin back to the Player object or whatever your using.

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  • That action "Set ScrollTo enabled" should be the last action.

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