How do I get C2 to make smaller sprite sheets?

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I have a game that's not that big... roughly 12mb as an HTML5 project.. when I upload it though iOS Safari and Chrome crash when I load the game but it plays fine on PC..

    From what I can tell I believe the issue is that the output of the game is generating several 2048x2048 imagines which are likely not making the browsers happy.. What I'd like to see if it's possible is to make these get broken up into several smaller sprite sheets to address the likely memory problem

    Any time I've seen browsers fuss or flat out close is when memory issues. it could be something else, but this looks suspicious.



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  • The download size has very little to do with the runtime memory usage. See remember not to waste your memory.

    Spritesheets generally actually save memory, so breaking them up will cause the memory use to increase. Some GPUs only support square power-of-two textures in memory, so using a large sprite sheet with as many images as possible packed on to it is the most efficient way to use GPU memory. As the linked article describes, you probably need to work on reducing the size of your images and finding ways to reuse them.

  • ok thanks! i know spritesheets save on memory.. i just wasn't sure if maybe 2048x2048 was too much for non-ipad (retina) devices. It seems reasonable though that newer iPhones that would still add the support for said resolutions with the release of iPad3 at that time to insure cross compatibility. Thanks for confirming Ashley.



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