Can C2 handle my needs?

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  • I am assuming it can from what I've heard, but before I go all in and pay for the personal edition, I need to know if it can do what I want:

    1. highly customized projectiles

    2. A detailed level-up system

    3. An in-game unlock/achievement system

    4. Randomized level generation (for platformers)

    5. Particle effects, effects like screen shake

    I'm worried that without scripting, the power of C2 won't compare to GMS, but from what I've seen it does like very easy and fun to use.

  • I have implemented every one of these elements in C2 Projects. You may need to spend some time getting used to the event-based language, but it's quite powerful once you know what you're doing.

    Comparing it to GM, I've found some things to be easier, and some to be harder. A lot of it probably comes down to preference in the end, but C2 is capable of making complex games if that's what you want to do.

  • Yes to all of them.

    I know sh*t about coding and I'm pretty sure I can implement all of the things you mentioned with enough research and practice.

  • I am still quite new to Construct 2 and love it! The things it can do amaze me.

    Yes, it has highly customized projectiles. The projectile behaviour can be applied to all kinds of things you never imagined to create awesome effects.

    There is no built in "level-up" system, unless I miss-understand what you mean. But all the hooks are there to easily build something like that.

    Same with "unlock/achievement" system. C2 is a lower level development tool - you would have to define and build your own system, but it wouldn't be that hard.

    Randomization is certainly posible, but again, you would have considerable work defining all the parameters to make sure it would still be functional.

    You can do almost anything imaginable with particles.

    My 13 year old son, with no prior programming experience, has been creating things that blow my mind! (It does help that he has a programmer dad to help out when he gets stuck though).

  • I seem to come to this conclusion every time:

    It's not the question if Construct2 is capable of something, but if I am capable of creating it with Construct2.

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  • d@LittleStain

    Pretty much nails it right there I would say.

    Only limitation is 3D which is in reality what makes it so easy to use.

    I would say to you teacherpeter that actually what you are looking to do is pretty standard. Construct sells for $120 for a reason, it's not quite the child's toy it may come off as.

  • I'm worried that without scripting, the power of C2 won't compare to GMS, but from what I've seen it does like very easy and fun to use.

    The event system in C2 *is* scripting, just in a bit more mouse-clicky manner. Less scary for non-coders. But equally flexible when you get used to it.

  • I should have added that with the tutorials, the manual, this how do I forum and the many examples one can find here, the answer to "can I do it?" is answered positively in most cases.

    I had no prior knowledge of scripting/programming before starting to use Construct2. Now I can make almost everything I'd like.

  • After using the (free giveaway) GM Studio for a while, I can say that it doesn't really match C2 in any way.

    Nothing in GMS of any note, even some of the demos, are done using the event system, probably because it's just not powerful enough. Everything seems to be scripted.

    As a test, I converted one of the tutorials using C2 and it took less than 20 minutes to achieve the same result.

    When it boils down to it, you can't beat trying something for yourself, so I recommend to anyone to get the free version and just have a play.

  • Construct 2 is by far the easiest game making engine to learn without losing any power. Previously I was using GameMaker Studio and if you want to make anything good their drag�n drop system goes out the window and to make a almost bugfree platformer in it is extremely difficult.

    C2, in my opinion only has 2 drawbacks but they are HUGE!

    1: No native compiler modules for iOS/Android.

    2: Monetization is a horrible pain (AdMob plugin would be nice)

  • How does C2 do randomized level generation? I would like to learn.

  • Do a search for Random Terrain generation. There is a link in the 'How Do I' sticky.

  • I've purchased it (via the sale) and I am impressed at what they give you straight out of the gates. Lots of tinkering to be done... I'm having a lot of fun playing with various effects and particles. This thing has huge potential.

  • I really like Scirra's price policy! Other tools like the unity engine are super hard and expensive when it comes to publishing commercial games. They even want %s of your income.

    Thanks C2, for being so developer friendly!

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