How do I get buttons displayed again in "Run Layout" Mode

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  • Hi,

    don't know if this is the right area.

    I've worked with construct 2 for about a week, finally i bought the personal edition yesterday. I've developed the basics for a small game, including some buttons.

    When I started construct today and run the layout (without changing anything since yesterday, when it worked perfectly), the buttons weren't displayed.

    My standardBrowser is firefox, so i changed it to chrome. Same Issue I restarted the browsers. Same Issue.

    When I make an Exe-file and rund the game, all works perfectly. But for future development, I don't want to create an exe-file every time I want to test my game.

    Is there anything I can do about it? what do I miss? I haven't changed the visibility of buttons or anything else.

    Anybody who knows this problem and how to fix it?




    Now it works with chrome after restarting construct but still not with firefox.

    So, its not urgent, but I'm interested in solving this issue anyway.

    The issue also appears if I create a new project with buttons, so it seems to be a technical thing, that's why uploading the file wouldn't help you, as the buttons would be displayed in your browser, as they did in mine for a week

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  • Can you perhaps upload the capx so we can see what you've actually done to the buttons? It would help out a lot in solving your issue

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