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  • Hello! Have been trying all day to make this work but still can?t fix it.

    On the layout I have the player and three enemys (orcs) that I want to recieve damage individually. Experimented with families and UID after recieving an example capx from someone here at forum. I?ll post my capx so you can see what I have so far:

    the game

    use arrow keys to move press C to cast spells (and X just plays a attack with staff animation), hold sh*t while moving to walk.

           edit:       LOL spelled "shift" wrong

    I plan to add more kinds of enemies if this can be solved.


    (march 17)


    Still haven?t been able to solve this one. Tried to do the samr thing in GM8.1 with some GML and was done in 5 minutes since every instance of an object get its own creation code, but I DON?T want to use GM8.1 because C2 is so much better in so many ways!! There has to be a sollution to this! :)

    So if there?s anyone here can take a look at the posted capx (you need to have licensed C2) and help me out I would be extremely grateful!

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  • have you tried adding instance variables to your enemies ad then decreasing that value?

  • They all have variables for HP direction and other variables already if that�s what you mean. Problem is when I put multiple copies of for example orcs they all do everything at the same time, not individually

  • I think you might have to test for every orc then.

    For each orc

    Orc is overlapping bullet

  • it�s not that simple since every enemy uses three parts:

    enemy_mask - stores variables and handles collisions with solids.

    enemy_animation - movement, attack and other animations i 8 directions

    enemy_collision - Handles colissions from player spells and attacks.

  • too much events for the free version :(

    in one of my projects, i just do a collision check and have a substract from the hp variable from the enemy and only that does the trick.

    like here, don't mind the other events, its one of my first try-outs in construct :)


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