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  • Hey!

    I need help with pieces of a brick flying off in their own direction.

    I was using particles but I had to switch to sprites because I want to use collisions. As of right now my four sprites break off and go in their own direction, which is good, but I can't seem to set the gravity of these sprites.

    Anyone able to help?


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  • It would help to know what behaviour you are using and how you have your events set up.

    I'll just guess you are using physics because you talk about gravity (could also be bullet behaviour or others)

    If you are using physics you can't set gravity per object, just the world gravity in general. You could change the density of the objects to make them react differently to the gravity. also changing the collision polygon has effect on how the pieces react, for it determines where the objects gravity-point is.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    This is what I am working with. I just need to give the pieces a burst of energy upwards and then let them fall on their own.

    If this gets too complicated I will just switch back to using a particle system and just forget adding collisions.

  • Just switch physics on under each created sprite.

  • Yea, the physics are on and the brick pieces fall down. They just don't have that "pop-up" effect. Here is a link below that has the effect I am trying to go for. Watch as the Leprechaun jumps up to break the blocks.

  • My best bet would be to use the physics apply force at angle action to achieve this. You can apply force at a specific angle for each of the bricks that you create to give them that popping feeling.

    You'll need to play around with the force amount, object's density and the world gravity value to get it all looking nice and smooth.

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