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  • hello everyone,

    im having a little problem in my blackberry app (sdk 10.0 or higher)

    it's a normal app developped using qml, and i wanted to add a 'MINI GAME' so i added an action

    to go to another page (minigame.qml) in this page i used webview like this :

    Page {

    Container {

    WebView {

    id: myWebView

    url: "local:///assets/game/index.html"

    settings.javaScriptEnabled: true




    the "/game" folder is the html5 C2 export so it should load the C2 game on a web view when i go to that page , unfortunaly the result is a black screen with empty loading bar..

    i think the JS is not loading or something ,

    i know there is a webworkers export but i have to work with qml in this app

    please can any one tell me how i can fix that ?

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