What is the best way to make a Turn based Strategy game?

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  • Hex grid or land regions,

    Players take turn at the same time, Then hit end turn\ and then see the out-come of the players choices?

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  • Planning to make it turn based online multiplayer? or offline game with a turn based ai?

  • Just multiplayer buddy! I am not very good with programming and I have not found any good examples so far.

    OK so I found Rexrainbow's grid plugins, but I still am not sure how to use them yet.. going to look into it more but I dont think it will work for region\zones.

    Now since then I been trying to think how to make a region\zone based Turn based strategy.

    Look at pic below


    {OK I think I figured the problem below out!}

    So I have a circle sprite around the GREEN unit, And If it is touching a REGION Square sprite then you can move there, taking a movement point away from the unit.

    But You can also click the REGION Square you are already in, and waste move points(witch I dont want to happen)

    What should I do to get the desired results?

  • Yea, rex's squareTx and hexTx (maybe combined now?) are good for this. Then you just need a global variable for tracking the turn number.

    If you are using non-standard grid shapes, then you may have to fallback to some kind of ID system.

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