best create mouse/touch support with custom cursor

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  • Hi there,

    I've got this complete project that all mouse based.. it has custom mice icons such as the normal and mouse over..

    obviously with touch, no cursor should be seen.   Normally I might just make a separate project that's touch only and the other mouse only.. but with Windows 8 touch and mouse are possible on some devices so it makes more sense to build one app that supports both

    my initial though was to simply hide the cursor by default and mouse presence would create them.. but i'm not sure how to best do that.

    So yea what would you all suggest is a good strategy. I have 33 scenes to apply this technique too.



  • Cant you just add an extra event sheet and build the controls for touch there and have them enabled both by default ?

    Should work.

    As a fancy approach, you could have your mouse cursor appear and fade upon touch, mimicking the mouse interface somewhat more :)

  • Ok so you just said something interesting there.. a extra event sheet. Is there some way to have an event sheet be "global"

    as it is for me so far, I've had each scene be self contained holding all of the game rules for that scene.

    i'm very interested to understand how i might be able to apply a few rules to all scenes.

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  • Right click in an event sheet: include event sheet   ;)

  • oooooooooo ok i see now.. that's great. i've seen that before but didn't investigate further. very cool!

  • You can have all sorts of included sheets.

    just imagine the following sheet names: mainmenu, gamemenu, gamecore, player, enemies.

    these sheets could have some of their own includes, just imgine the player sheet having different controlsheets such as keyboard or joystick.

  • yea totally. i have some common back / forward buttons throughout the project i'm working on.. would be great to have them more modular.. well i have a new project i'm starting soon.. I'll have to apply this to that one!

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