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  • Hello,

    I am new to construct, I have just found the platform and only today started working with it.

    Done the begginers guide and it all seemed very easy.

    I need to do some small educative games and I would like to use construct, though I am having a hard time finding tutorials on the sort of game I need to do.

    So I decided to start posting my (very basic) questions here:

    1- How do I do to start the game with a splash page, that can either lead me to the game, or to an instruction panel, for example? And then have a different panel at the end?

    Should I create different layouts, is that even possible? (couldn't find a way)

    Or should I do it using layers, for example?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi fil.

    Yes, for multiple levels, layouts are advised.

    You can create a new layout by right clicking on the layouts folder in the project bar and chose "Add layout".

    To move from a layout to another you have the system action "Go to layout".

    Be sure to have a look at (at least) the overview in the manual it should help you get started.

    The reading of how events work should be also of use (you'll need it very soon <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">)

    Welcome on the forum and keep us informed about your progress.

  • Look at the FAQ first of all.

    You should indeed create another layout. it's in the project bar on the right side of the screen (you may need to navigate tabs at the bottom). Right click on the 'layouts' folder and select 'new layout'.

    EDIT: Ninja'd!

  • Seeing lots of confusion about layouts lately. Perhaps the ui could use some tweaking.

  • Hi!

    Welcome to Construct 2! I'm pretty new myself but I think you can do what you want with multiple layouts. Have look at this example file and let me know if you got any other questions!

  • Wow people are so fast here! When I started typing there were no replies, by the time I finished there was three! Construct 2 community is awesome! *hats off*

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the quick replies! :)

    I was looking mostly at the left and top menus, but now you pointed that out it seems evident.

    Beron thanks a lot for the example, it is great, from it it was also easy to understand how to navigate between layouts, seem pretty simple.

    Thanks again guys!


  • newt, I'd have to agree. I would suggest an update of the beginner's tutorial - perhaps including a title screen?

  • Hi again,

    I just came up with a new problem, which should be pretty simple to solve, I hope.

    I have a sprite with a lot of frames, and I want to duplicate the sprite and change it.

    For example, I did 5 copies and changed an ID which I had attributed to it. I was able to add different variables to each sprite copy.

    Though, I then try to erase some frames from some of the copies, and I am not able to do it. When I erase any frame in one of the copies, I erase them in all.

    Can I do that this way? How?

    Or do I have to make new sprites for each different combination of frames?



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  • 1/ why do you have to delete frames? explain a bit more about your game and we might find out that it's not required (some control stuff can be done by events)

    2/ Instances always have the same animations with the same frames. If you want to differenciate frames you have either to create other animation inside the sprite, or clone the sprite and change the animation.

    But as I said, you might want to consider sharing a bit more about your game to have the best answer.

  • Hi Yann,

    Thanks for the quick answer! So I would have to do different animations inside the sprite?

    I am going to explain a little more of what I am trying to do (not very sucessfully). I am working on a small educative game, where I want to have a "tree of life" (a simplified phylogenetic cladogram of life forms).

    In the end of the branch there will be a target, such as mammal, fish, fern, bird... and so on (I will have 22 classes).

    I will have several images, positioned in the top left that should be then dragged and dropped to their right targets. To do this I am following the RPG Inventory Tutorial. There are some differences, I don't have a trash bin or a bag to put stuff. Also any image can be positioned in any target (unless it is already filled).

    I also want to compare the id of the image with the target, to check if it has been correctly placed.

    I tried to use one sprite as a array to keep all the images. What I tried to do was to, after placing one image, spawn another sprite in the next image (next frame). The problem with this is that I can't find a way to add a variable to a frame, or animation. So I could asssign the id to specific frames.

    I had the idea to duplicate the sprites and there I could give them different IDs. Then I would have the same object, replicated 22 times, each one with a set of 3 frames all regarding the same image, so I could have all code done to only one sprite (if I have more than one different sprite I would have to do that for every sprite).

    Maybe I could have an additional array where each position stores the ID value of each frame.

    I am not sure of what about to do here. I was trying to do this with to sprites, but their behaviours are all messed up...

  • And following the previous question, how do I add values to the array?

    I have set up an array, defined it as global, attributed the size to the X dimension (22), kept the others at 1. But now I don't know how to attribute a value to each slot.

    Can I do this in Instance Variables, or something like that, or do I have to do this in the Event sheet?

    From HERE I couldn't understand if there is a way to pre-fill the values at each slot.

  • you wanna do something like that?


  • Don't know if I got it right, but if you want to set an object to an animation and leave at that animation frame, you can set the animation speed to 0 and then, via events, change the frame.

    Also, you can add multiple animations to one same object, you don't need 22 objects with a different animation each, chech this manual entry for more info

  • 7Soul yeah you're right, that's exactly what I did

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