How do I get my background image to stay where I insert it?

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  • I've created a background image for my game that perfectly lines up with the dimensions, but when I insert it into the game and set the image to "background" layer, it doesn't line up, and my image looks like it's fallen to the bottom of the screen. How do I get my image to stay where I insert it?

  • have you tried this¿¿

    set a layer called background

    click on the layer

    look at the left side of your c2 look for something called "parallax" set it to 0,0

    and then paste your background to the layer backgound and set the backgound image x&y to 0,0

    and run it

    let me know

  • Hi Luna. Still didn't work, and in any case, I don't want to turn off paralax.

  • Hi Luna. Still didn't work, and in any case, I don't want to turn off paralax.

    let me show you

    this a the example from C2 i reccomend you to check them out (go to c2, new project, go down and check out the examples and templates)

    download the .capx attached here

  • My settings are the exact same, but for some reason the picture still ends up falling to the bottom.

  • Did you put any behavior on it?is there a solid object on the bottom?

  • The thing is, when I raise my inserted image well above the point I want it, the bottom of the image lines up fine, but now the top of the image is outside of the layout. The image is a .PNG and was created to the exact dimensions of the background, but it just won't fit for some reason.

  • an image of what you are saying would be nice to help solving your, but If it's properties has the same position and size of the layout, and has no behavior such as paltform to fall out of the screen...So idk

  • Yeah, I'm having a really hard time figuring out the problem you are describing.

    Is your origin point in the center of the image? Is that causing issues?

    There is a free program called JING that will allow you to easily take screen shots and quick videos and post them online to share. Maybe if we could get a better understanding it might help.

  • Sure. I'll just upload a quick image I made in GIMP, because I'm not quite ready to display the background I want to use just yet

    Here's how it looks in my editor, with the trees lined up to the plat:

    Here's how it looks when I run it:

  • See those dotted lines? That is your Window area, or Camera view. It starts in the upper left corner (0,0) and grows down and to the right the size of your window.

    Hopefully that makes sense?

  • Ahh, well that's what I get for skipping the manual. However, why do my plats show up if they're out of the viewing window? And my sprite (though I didn't have it shown), is proportioned just fine when I run the program as well.

  • Because it probably has the solid behavior

  • you need to set the x and y parameters of your background image to 0,0 and the backgournd must be in the 0,0 parallax layer, (aka backgound layer)

    try it!! and run it...

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  • Luna, the same thing still happens when I set all parameters to 0, 0. Parallax is 0, 0 and X/Y are both set to 0, 0. The image is also in the Background layer.

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