How do I get my background image to stay where I insert it?

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  • You can have different layers with different parallax like this...

    you can toy with them

  • Without seeing you CAPX, it's really hard to say what the problem is.

  • Luna, the same thing still happens when I set all parameters to 0, 0. Parallax is 0, 0 and X/Y are both set to 0, 0. The image is also in the Background layer.

    yes but your image has a green part on the top side.... thats why it looks like that... maybe try cuting the background to the exact size of the doted erea... aka: your window size resolution

    becuase now that green part is making the trees do down...

    see the parallax works in a way that it fixes the image in place so it wont scroll with the camera if the parallax is 0,0

    if the parallax is more than 0,0 it will scroll depending on how much you set it...

    so... if you have a 0,0 parallax, the backgournd will be anything on the doted area... becuase it wont move nor scroll....

    move the trees up

  • Luna, I can't cut the background. The image I uploaded is the same dimensions as the actual background I want to use. When I move it to the viewing window (i.e. the dotted lines), the background lines up fine, but when I put my platforms up there, they look like this:

    And this:

  • Luna, I took your advice (sorry it took me so long to get my sh*t together!) and recut the background. Now it fits fine inside the viewing window and everything is better. Sorry guys for being such a noob! I promise to read the manual before posting silly questions again

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  • Well, I was creating my initial screen and the "Iniciar jogo" button (Start game) and now I have a similar problem haha

    Why my image doesn't fit perfectly? the window size and layout is 1920x1080, so as my background image.

    Actually, I have to resize and let the image bigger than the window/layout size to fill the screen.

    Also, here is the configuration settings.

    I want it to run fullscreen, without window bar. Instead of it, my initial screen has white bars, or black in browsers, on both sides.

    My intention is to run in a desktop, not in a browser, and to support every ratio of resolutions. I've watched a tutorial that says how to do this but it's not working.

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