Audio is not playing

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  • Then I will just change the name,character,backgrounds.The broom riding is not a copyright of Warner bros,I even saw it on Tom & Jerry.

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  • Just change the name and you'll be fine.


    WB not Paramount.

  • Name changed.But there's one problem,

    I made the game full screen on.And in ...


    -Audio plays

    - Not full screen


    No audio

    - Sometimes full other times not full screen

    But I have included both an m4a(or whatever,ACC) and ogg.

    I inserted a .wav file to C2 and it was converted just fine.It was also fine when I previewed on chrome.But This problem came when I uploaded it into the server.

  • Did you upload the ogg audio file, too? If so, your server may not have its mime types correct. At some point it may be useful to share your capx so someone else or I can try the game out on our own server to troubleshoot further.

  • C-7

    This is the capx.:

    Sorry it's 30mb.That's because of the audio

    And this is the original mp3 file from where I downloaded the music,if you want.

  • I don't understand why it't like this:


    -Audio absent

    -Full screen probability


    -Audio present

    -Not full screen

  • Hey C-7

    are you there?

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  • C-7

  • I see you're there, you'll have to wait until I get another chance to troubleshoot for yu.

  • Hi have a ogg file which is located at server location.

    In my construct project i use ajax . xml to get the URL of that audio file .

    Now i want to play this audio in audio object.

    Can you please help me. what is way to play sound in this condition.

  • I use OGG format, and the software I use is Audacity. I have ZERO problems playing the sounds or music in ANY browser (I don't count IE since it's not so much a browser as it is a dodge ball cannon).

  • I had this problem, I fixed it by forcing the game to pre-load the music and then made my own pre-load screen. If you wish i can tomorrow when I get home post how i did this. It fixed the problem of music not seaming to play but really would 30 seconds latter.

    Also May i suggest all music in wav format, The reason is construct 2 seam's to auto split files into OGG when you do and MP3, this way it can detect what your playing the game on and auto play the music. It does add to the size of the game but it fix's it down the road. ... ng-screens

  • Honestly not putting in a bit of extra effort to get all 3 major browsers working is automatically dropping a huge portion of your potential audience. IE may not be your favorite, but by eliminating it you lose a large portion of web gamers.

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