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  • I have uploaded the game in my website.But sound is not playing.I suppose it's because Sound file(Music file) has 4mb.But I waited for eternity,still the sound doesn't play.What's wrong here?

    This is the game

  • Perhaps check if your host supports the correct mime types for your audio files.

  • music plays here in chrome (windows) - remember that different browsers need different formats of sound

  • music plays here in chrome (windows) - remember that different browsers need different formats of sound


    I'm also using chrome 31.(Windows 7)

    Oh theres one thing,when I copied the wav file to my project.capx, there was an error.So it was only converted to .ogg format.

    Can this cause a problem.I don't think so,since you can play it.I tested during the production,it was fine.

  • lennaert

    I uploaded it to dropbox.It's the same(No audio).

    Can this be an internet problem?

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  • Nah thats not an internet issue.

    As you mentioned something went wrong improting the audio.

    Then thats most likely the issue.

    When you save wav files, 16-bit PCM stereo yielded the best results before importing.

  • lennaert

    Is there any software you know which converts midi to 16-bit PCM?

    I just recorded it using gom player.

  • I use Goldwave, its a small tool, relatively cheap for its possibilities.

    Can save almost in any format you can imagine.

    Its like my old paint shop 7, old, but still one of the best around.

    (also has lots of effects etc)

  • Works fine for me. Be careful with this game though. If Paramount finds out about this they will probably ask you to take it off any stores.

  • Also look at audacity on

  • Tekniko

    Why is that?How is paramount related to my game?

  • Tekniko


    Why is that?

    It was of my efforts not paramount.

  • Tekniko


    Why is that?

    It was of my efforts not paramount.

    It's Warner Bros and not paramount, but you are using their ip without consent (infringement). If you don't get a license from the ip holder, you stand liable to them. It doesn't matter if it is your efforts or not, you don't own the rights to the Harry Potter franchise.

    Also, you should reimport your audio as a wave then upload both versions it converts to inside construct (ogg and acc). Not all browsers and platforms use the same format, so using both ensures it can work everywhere.

  • OK.I'm not going to sell the game,I am just seeing the power of Construct 2.

    But C-7

    When I convert the midifile to wav,it's 27mb. :bugeye:

  • Doc Ai it doesn't matter if you are not selling the game, that is also infringment, fan art and stories based on the character may be protected, but using the same logo and images, that would be considered infringment.

    For a game to play the music, you have 3 types of audio file: ACC, OGG and WAV. If you have those 3 imported into your C2 game, then the will probably work fine in every browser.

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