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  • hi there,

    am quiet far in publishing my first game with the program however, i have set all of my own custom sound effects and backround music correctly but everytime i publish my game the audio plays but is unbeareabley muffled and distorted. all files are wav's and show as imported correctly in the program. have tried publishing as html 5 and desktop exe. both have the same issues.

    any ideas?


  • Do you know what your initial import settings for the sounds were? The default compression rate is pretty bad, imo. It's made way worse if you are using sounds that were already compressed - it has a sort of exponential effect. That's the only idea I can think of.

    It's very hard to get responses around here to audio questions for some reason. I've had several that no one has been willing to take a stab at no matter how many times I bump it. Good luck.

  • thanks alot for your answer mate,

    im not quiet sure what the settings were just that i used the default compression on the wav files, what would you suggest i try?

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  • any ideas anyone?

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