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  • Greetings,

    I'm working on a game that is sort of a puzzle/pinball/music/physics game. Pinballs drop into the game at a predetermined rate that functions as the beats-per-minute and bounce off reflectors that play notes when hit. I had a group of kids play test some of the levels and one of the things the kids discovered was that they could trap the balls in a way that would repeatedly hit certain bumpers causing the sounds to stack up until the audio severely clipped. Now, the kids enjoyed this "feature" however, it was unbearable for anyone else in the room and potentially damaging to ears and speakers alike.

    One work-around is the not allow a sound to be triggered again if it is currently playing but this makes the game seem broken as the bumpers become "unresponsive." Is there a way to control for clipping that doesn't involve restricting the responsiveness of the bumpers - perhaps like a limiter of some kind to keep the audio output from going over 0 db?

    Thanks in advance.

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