How to attach (pin) 3 particle emitters

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  • Helo,

    I am trying to pin 3 particle emitters to one object on different x,y... but i cant get it. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


  • Pinning is pretty straightforward:

    1) Create the object to be pinned, and the object to be pinned to.

    2) Give the pinning object the pin behaviour.

    3) Either in the layout or the event sheet, set the pinning object to the correct position on the receiving object.

    4) In the event sheet, select the object -> set pin -> receiving object.

    If you don't come right, post your capx so we can take a look.

  • I know how to pin... basicly.

    But it allways get pinned to the ORIGIN image point.

    Can i change x,y values in pin options so that i can pin to other image points?


  • When you pin an object to another one, the pinned object uses its current position relative to that object as its base position. You can move the pinned object to anywhere on that receiving object that you'd like, but once you pin it, it'll stay in the same relative position to that object, just duplicating the receiving object's change in position and angle, but not its actual position and angle.

    So, first move the object to exactly where you want it to be, then pin it. If you want it to move to an image point on that object, then move it to an image point.

    If the receiving object is animated in such a way that this image point moves or otherwise changes, then the pin behaviour is not suitable. In such a case you should rather use every tick -> set position to object, and specify the image point in the action.

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  • thanx... i'll try that.

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