Has anyone used Clay.IO with mobile? (IE outside of the web)

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  • Hi there,

    I floundered a bit getting twitter for C2 to work with the standard C2 Twitter object, which I understand is in beta testing right now, thus its' not really official yet.. so I'm

    I've posted a similar question before about Clay.IO in general, but I want to be more specific this time. My hope/dream is that clay works across all platforms.. WP8.. Android... IOS.. .etc..

    I feel comfortable now making games reach lots of platforms for web and mobile, but the real mystery now is questioning if there is true cross platform solution for social features.. leaderboards.. etc.. i know there are some solutions out there like game center and google play's thing.. but these tend to be still pretty limited.. not supporting everything but only 1-2 platforms..

    On a side note, my intention of doing this will not just be for me. I want to make a very clear and thorough tutorial for the community compiling what I learn about the down and dirty truth about making games with whatever tech is out there that is as cross platform as possible.



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