Anyone had any luck with Cocoon IO InApp Purchasing?

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  • I could use some help or even some confirmation that you have been able to successfully publish a game with working IAP. I'm not getting any results and it's hard to tell if it's even talking to itunes or not..

    Are people using this plugin for Cocoon IO or maybe still using the cranberry plugin? I had some issues with that at the time, but maybe i need to try that more?

    Also has anyone run into a problem where the native cocoon io IAP plugin (what i'm using) gives an error when try to preview with any browser, but if i remove the IAP plugin the error goes away.

  • bump..

    NOTE I did find out the fix to the error is using the canvas+ plugin and putting "is canvas+" condition in a given area that has an IAP event. Although I did find that also introduced some bugs in browser because if it's in a condition event, you're playing a game that is not "canvas+" because you're on a computer browser thus the conditions are not met to proceed.. still working on an elegant / repeatable solution.

    However overall IAP are not working. I'm getting a store issue like it's trying to pull stuff from the store but having trouble with it. i know i'm pointing reference names to the right IAP I have set up.. has anyone come across this? "Store: An error occured while fetching the products from the store"

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  • Update: I did get IAP working. There is a template capx for IAP out there you can get. This file shows how to setup IAP. It was slightly different than how I had done it using the cranberry IAP plugin for cordova. Also don't let the complexity of the demo overwhelm you. Really just pay attention to the variable usage in it. Functions are not needed for it to work.

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