Anyone know about CocoonJS / Troubleshooting? (Ouya)

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  • Hi there,

    So I decided after doing some stuff with Ubuntu/Chromium which is coming along, but seeming to be very problematic / slow, I gave the CocoonJS / Ouya export option a try.

    I'd had a few failed attempts in the past.. black screen usually.. but this time I had something run! I've tried a few settings.. so my experience was like this for two major options apparently:

    System Webview ran full screen. However it had some issues. No sound (big problem) and it seemed to do an auto AA on the graphics so my pixel art which was set to point, defaulted to the compressing stuff so the graphics looked really bad. I also got a http:/// error (yes 3 / marks) that I had to click ok to bypass.

    Canvas+ worked great in terms of some sounds playing. I probably need to tweak the audio some to insure everything plays like it should, although I'm wondering if maybe this only has one sound channel which would explain why music doesn't fire off.. because something else plays right after it killing it. The other big issue is that the game ignores any screen fill options. it makes the game fit in the lower left corner of the screen playing smoothly I might add, but ultimately no good.

    Keep in mind I was not using the android export option, but instead I was exporting to straight HTML.

    So in short, the verdict isn't out yet.. it seems that the Canvas+ holds the most potential, but it had a good number of gotcha's still that need to be worked out.. and don't get me started on the IAP system that would be critical to have in order to make demo modes for games vs making the game

    I just feel like its REALLY close to working, but I'm wondering if Ashley or Tom could step in here to perhaps help offer some input / advise / support for Ouya. It seems like most of the heavy lifting is done, just getting a few things refined/addressed so C2 devs could easily port their games would be a huge achievement!

    People should see the Ouya as a great springboard to reach other platforms. Ouya may not be the biggest console out there, but it's an easy red-tape free way to get your game on a console if nothing else about the market excites you.

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