Has anyone experience creating a tycoon game?

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  • Hello all,

    I'm currently creating a real estate tycoon game. I've pretty much have the artwork done.

    I'm wanting to create enough depth to make the game exciting, yet it should be easy to learn the ropes and not be too complicated.

    Personally I like games that are intuitive, and easy to pick up, but have enough depth to sustain gameplay for a longer period of time.

    I'm especially curious if anyone has any experience with (real estate) tycoon games, and how to create that intuitive gameplay and enough depth at the same time. I'm not asking anyone to join me in my project, but just looking for some good tutorials I should look at, and advice for general good practise when creating a real estate tycoon game.

    I already did look at a whole lot of other real estate games but don't generally find them too simplistic in gameplay (flipping houses with one mouse click for example) or too complicated where you must go through a 100 steps to flip a single apartment and/or games with no option to construct your own neighbourhood.

    There are some nice games out there though, but not many and they generally don't do what I'm looking for. Hence I'm creating a game myself.

    Ok so, what I'm thinking of doing so far is allowing the player to create his/her own neighbourhood and sell or rent out his/her properties. Then once you've earned back your investment and turned a profit, build a new house or destroy properties in order to construct new houses that are much more profitable.

    New ideas are welcome. Don't want to take too much at a time though, as this is my third game that I'm making. Also, I'm not quite sure yet how to build the menus and ingame options yet, I'm thinking of a big bar at the bottom and a smaller one at the top for time, money, income, and other stats and the big bar for constructing houses etc.


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  • best of luck for your effort

  • Well I haven't done anything like that but I would imagine that you would have to have alot of random Variables and Formula for each thing and for positional because the typically estate game is usually just sprite on a tile map.

    Id would look into isometric style tilemap and array and see if you can use them such as this Teh X,Y grid of array can use for storing and placing various estate. and you would have to have each property have their own timer to fire off the money pay-in.

    Im thinking you could really benefit from learning [Isometric RPG] because its basically the same thing as what you are making its just instead of exploring and kill things to loot you are using timer and random variable to dynamically engage the player in a living virtual world.

    Ok first off forget the art. The Art should be the last thing you should worry about. Start EXTREMELY small im talking about a 2x2 grid map. And experiment the different effect you want to add and write down what worked and what didnt.

    Like all RPG its alway up to the developer to design their own variable an effect. Do one thing at a time ask us for a particular effect. Or least Build a list of what you want and how do you envision the game to turn out because there is never one book for everything.

    Im willing to help but only on specific part not the whole game since im doing my own as well that isnt an estate lol.

  • Kind of an 'old' post of mine being bumped, I dropped the concept at the time since I was way in over my head - and still am. Working on a much smaller and different game at the moment! Are you saying you're working on a similar type of game Gearworkdragon?

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  • Well im working on a pokemon clone template which is a bit different but they all function about the same way just no character movement and income is based on timers and generally is usually isometric map but other then that yes,

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