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  • So, I'm currently working on a boss. I have created a few animations for it, such as Attack and Death. However, on attack, no animation plays even though I have set it to play one. And for my Death animation, the boss does in-fact set the animation, however no animation plays and the boss just stands there, completely static. Any help?


  • Hey Steveanderly

    As far as I'm concerned, your animation events start every tick anew. That's why nothing happens.

    Create an extra trigger to change the animation and take as a condition e.g. > Is NOT playing "AttackF" <

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  • Ups, the changeover seems to have deleted a few posts.

    So here again. Cant see your link anymore, but i will try without:

    Your first event on the screenshot is triggered when Sprite19s health is <=200.

    If this is true, the event runs every tick (~60 time per second) and the animation

    starts every tick from the beginning.

    You have to add another condition, to trigger this event only once. Easiest way would

    be 'Sprite19 is NOT playing animation "Demon"' (leftclick on the condition and invert).

    If you want some actions from this event to run every tick, you can create a sub-event

    and place the mentioned condition and all actions you want to run only once in there.

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