How do I make animation loop complete

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  • hi,

    i have a little problem with one of my sprite.

    i have set 2 animations on it

    Idle set in Loop mode


    Hover is only called when mouse is over it, and doesn't cause problem

    Idle is 27 frames animation in wich, frame 0 should stay longer frame speed 10

    others frames are set to 0.1.

    my problem is that when i test the game, first animation frame wait, then start normally, doesn't go t o the end of the animation!

    i have noticed that modifying the speed of the overall animation Idle allow to go further in the frames, but it looks not good..

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  • Ammm. May be I didn't understood right. But I would make this way. Make 3 animations. "Idle 1st frame", "Idle full" and "Hover".

    Condition (where yoou need) >> Then I start animation "Idle 1st frame" (which is actually 1 frame) >> timer for (speed 10 time)>>> Start animation "Idle full"

    Condition upon end of animation "Idle full" >> start animation "Idle 1st frame" >> timer for (speed 10 time) sec >>> Start animation "Idle full"

    You got a loop.

  • Or instead of " timer for (speed 10 time)" you can make "Idle 1st frame" to have 2 first frames of your Idle animation and play them at speed 10 then switch to "Idle full" which have all other frames exclude only 1st frame but still have frame 2, and play it on speed 0.1.

    Like this you will get time of "speed 10" between frame 1 and frame 2 and time of "speed 0.1" between others. Should not glitch I think.

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