How do I this animation?

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  • Hi, does anyone know how bounce animations are made?

    I refer to the animations that appear in many games in which an object contracts and stretches, this happens for example when it falls to the ground.

    You must manipulate the height and width of the graph but I do not know what formula to use.

  • Hiya,

    For an easier way, I think you will need a combination of an animation and physics.

    I tried to experiment with this and if you check the .capx you'll notice it isn't easy to program it.

    Or at least not for me :)

    So what I'd try and do is; when Ball reaches a certain Y, start animation. Then reverse the animation when it is on collision with the ground. Keep the rotation of the ball to 'No' in physics settings.

    I know my .capx is very crude, but I hope it gives you some ideas, whether you only program or use animation frames as extra.

    - R

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  • I got this but ... I'm not very happy with the results.

    There are two modes:

    1 - character

    2 - jellyBlock

    Set the global variable for a mode and then execute.

    Unable to change in running mode

  • OK.. so your code looks like it has more than I can comprehend. I'm not a very experienced programmer.

    But if you change the character sprite to circle you got your basic movement.

    Now just to make it move at an angle with 'gravity' as you described in your original post.

    If you coded sample that yourself you're much more advanced than I am and then I'm pretty sure you're capable of getting the desired outcome!

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