Android 8 fails to display text objects! HELP!!!!!

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  • Hi all!

    I just finaly finished my app and packed it into *.apk and it works super ....

    Untill, i get a report that it does not work on Android 8.

    Looking into problem i realized that all works on all previous versions on various devices but Android 8 fails to display text objects.

    I use a lot of text objects with plain Arial and they are not displayed.

    Sometimes some objects get visible by moving forth and back in app or by touching objects to preform an action.

    eg. i have list that loads from xml and it shows blank at first... then if i perform selection on blind, selected text gets visible while rest of thex display wrongly... text from one object gets displayed on second one etc. untill get touched and then it displays correctly.

    Same goes for static text objects that have fixed text.

    Can anyone confirm this and is there a fix for this issue?

    I dont know shall i report this as bug in bugreport?



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  • I have the same problem and no one answers

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