How do I add admob to my game. #crosswalk

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  • Can someone please show me, or tell me which tutorial actually works? There are so many, and it's not working.

    Thanks! (using xdk-crosswalk) Also, testing with xdk's Mobile phone tester.

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  • I'm using cocoonjs and admob, via mopub, works fine. The integration is quite easy so I would recommend that over xdk.

  • I have no experience with cocoonJs and I literally just figured out how to get my ap from construct, over to XDK, and then over to Google play. I really would like a way to do it with XDK since it took me a while to figure all this out =/

  • I just answered this in detail in another thread. Check my recent posts.

    tl;dr: do what the manual says

    ps: you won't get ads simulated in the XDK!

  • I'm using cocoonjs and admob, via mopub, works fine. The integration is quite easy so I would recommend that over xdk.

    might not be a good idea to recommend something that has been deprecated from the product, IMO.

  • Codah I can't find the recent post of your detailed reply anywhere. Can you link it? thanks

  • Hey codah! nvm I found it. I appreciate it i'm going to follow the steps, which I did most already. one question though, how do you play the game directly from the apk?

  • Get on your device, go to email, download the attachment sent by the XDK. Once downloaded, open it. It should ask you to install.

  • I am having the same problem with adding ads in intel xdk. I used the latest version of construct with admob built in. when I export to android with crosswalk the app just crashes once its on the phone. Coda, or charlizzle ... Can you send me the link you are talking about?


  • 1) Create Admob account

    2) In your Construct 2 game use Admob Plugin already there.

    3) Get Banner and Inter ID from Admob, put ID's Into your admob plugin

    4) Kep your admob on TEST

    5) put your event sheet to whatever you want

    6)load your game onto INTEL XDk

    7) after loaded into xdk, under plugins, third party programs click Get plugin from web

    8) Name: AdMob Plugin Plugin ID: Check the 'Plugin is located in the Apache Cordova Plugins Registry' box

    9) click build tab - crosswalk for android. Continue, it will be sent to your email. On your PHONEPHONEPHONE. Open email, and install the APK. Most will use .arm file.

    10) test if the ads work

    11) GO back to construct 2 if they work, turn off test, and redo everything. Then load to google play

    12) wallaaa

    Also, what is your event list for your game w/ the ads.

  • Thanks Charlizzle .. I will try this when I get back to my pc with construct on it.

    Looks like everything else I have done b4,. with the exception of a different path for the plugin. I have never been able to get android crosswalk to compile, hopefully it will now. do I need to add a different plugin to get crosswalk/android/intel to work?

  • hey I updated my post for step 8. I copy and pasted wrong, use the plugins posted!

  • Yeah .. I followed those instructions to the T.. and it didnt work. I get the build from intel xdk and when I try to install it it just quits and says app not installed. If I use the old type of android with out crosswalk, it will install.

    Any ideas?


  • It said that for me once before, and it might have been a glitch, because I went to my phone files..and clicked the .arm apk and it opened. Try that!

  • OK I will try a reboot on the phone. Does the name of the plugin in Construct have to match the name of the plugin in intel xdk?

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