How do I add admob to my game. #crosswalk

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  • no just used the updated plugin I put on there. What I suggest you do, is go to your files in your mobile phone..and delete all attemps to download/install the apk. Then go to your email and try to reinstall

  • Well I got a little farther... I made sure all instances of my app , called SpaceDefender for now, were uninstalled.

    Then I re downloaded it and then I re installed it.

    It installed and I tried to open it. I saw a crosswalk loading icon, but then it comes up and says "unfortunately space defender has stopped.

    so something is crashing..

    I think I used your updated plugin at one point.. but I will try again. I also used one from here:

    (4) Name: admob

    (5) Plugin ID:

    (6) Repo URL: ...

    And that didnt work either.

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  • you should delete your whole intel XDK file and start from scratch using my step by step instruction. Sounds like somewhere you might have made a small error, also don't forget to re-delete the old APK on your phone now, else run into the same issue. Make sure you only using the plugin I posted!

  • Thanks... I tried that. I deleted from my phone. I deleted the whole build from intel xdk and I rebuilt it. But it wont run when its exported with android/crosswalk. Should I post a screen shot of something? I this considered a construct bug?

  • does it work with construct 2 preview?

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